Chinese YMCA Environmental Working Group
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  • No Plastic Bottle Day (NOPB) “No Plastic Bottle Day” Campaign was initiated by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong in 2012 to reduce the usage of disposable plastic bottles. 1st June was set every year not to buy or use disposable plastic bottles to arise the public awareness of the plastic harm. It also encourages the citizens to bring their own bottles in order to reduce the waste in origin.
    Chinese YMCA organizes different main theme activities to echo the NOPB campaign every year. Schools, organisations and interested bodies can enroll their supports at the NOPB website with over 100,000 supporting people every year.
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  • Waste Reduction@Campus Project Sponsoring by Environmental Campaign Committee & Environment and Conservation Fund, “Waste Reduction@Campus Project” is the main environmental task of Chinese YMCA in 2014-2016. The project recruits 40 primary and secondary schools every year to advocate the campus waste reduction. Every school nominates not more than 12 students to be “Waste Elimination Ambassador”. The ambassadors will collect the weight and quantity of the campus waste and recycling products (plastic, paper and can etc.) to know the trend and progress of the waste production and recycling. Chinese YMCA also provides a “Waste Reduction Indicator Checklist” to facilitate the schools reducing the waste in origin.
    Furthermore, the project also organizes “Waste to Gold” Flea Market to collect the used products for resale, exchange and gifts. Other main activities include “Upcycling Products” Design Competition and “Creative Waste Reduction ideas Award Scheme”.